Miss Marie is a very nice piano teacher who teaches us how to read music in the Suzuki Piano Books. Her repertoire classes let all the students who she is teaching meet. She makes me enjoy playing piano more.

--Ian Lassetter; Crozet, Virginia; 11 years old


Miss Marie is postive, nice, encouraging and patient. She gives me challenges which I like."

--Marion Alcaro; Charlottesville, Virginia; 11 years old


I was fortunate to have Miss Marie as a teacher for three years, since I was seven years old. Miss Marie is a kind, gentle and spirited person and always trying new things. She is a VERY talented pianist and is a strong teacher. Miss Marie inspires you to meet high standards on the piano. I wish I could still study with her!

--Grace Sherman; Boulder, Colorado; 10 years old

Our two girls started playing piano with Marie when they were 4 1/2 years old. She had always been their favorite Music Together teacher and they were thrilled to continue music lessons with her. Going to see "Ms. Marie" is always a highlight of their week. Marie is caring, enthusiastic, patient, and she is inspiring in her love for music. Both girls simply love playing the piano; we often hear one or the other head to the piano first thing in the morning to play their pieces or to simply make up some new melodies. 

Paired with Marie's wonderful qualities as a person and as a mentor to children are her outstanding qualities as a piano teacher. She teaches even the youngest kids impeccable technique, an ear for music, a sense for rhythm, and knowledge of music theory. At five years of age, our kids played varying chords and named them accordingly, made up Alberti accompaniments, transposed songs from major to minor, and--most importantly--absolutely enjoyed doing so. They still do. She has instilled a love of music
 in our kids which, I know, will last them a life time.

We can't imagine having had a better piano teacher for our children.

--Bettina Younge, Ph.D.


Our son Ethan has taken lessons from Marie for the past five years, starting when he was eight years old.  We have always been impressed with Marie’s ability to teach so much technique and theory while at the same time making learning to play piano a fun experience for Ethan.  She is able to encourage Ethan with positive feedback but also critique his playing when necessary in a way that improves his practice sessions and playing without discouraging him.  Marie’s monthly repertoire sessions and biannual recitals have also made Ethan’s piano skills grow by exposing him to other piano players and by giving him experience in playing for an audience.  This exposure has not only made him a better piano player but also has given him more poise in other public settings.  We will miss Marie’s warmth, teaching skill, and care but enthusiastically recommend her as a piano teacher in Virginia.

Ethan just started 8th grade last week and was asked to write an essay on three of the most influential events of his life.  He wrote, without any prompting from us, that taking piano lessons from Marie was one of the most life-changing things he’s done so far!

--Dan Jones & Roberta Brown-Jones


Our family has taken piano lessons from Marie for over 14 years. Marie has gently guided my two sons through the Suzuki series, as well as through the Royal Conservatory of Music. They have received a well-rounded education in music by a very caring person. Marie has a very special relationship with her students; she has high expectations, but truly encourages them with positive reinforcement. Marie is like a member of our family, we wish her well as she starts up her new studio in Virginia.

--Diane E.


Our two boys (now 18 and 20) were devoted students of Marie’s for many years--at least 8 years each! Long after many of their friends had discontinued music (with other teachers), Marie inspired them to continue with their music and to be proud of their musical accomplishments. Both are busy with academics and athletics (Spencer, 18, will ski for the University of Colorado this fall and Mason, 20, will mountain bike race for CU), but their music with Marie remains an important part of who they are today.

--Leslie & Gary Lacy; Boulder, Colorado


Marie has been my daughter's piano teacher since 2005.  She has a love of music that she has imparted to her students.  My daughter calls her gentle and fun.  She says, "I enjoyed my piano lessons", which is true as she has always looked forward to them.  Marie encouraged Elizabeth to do her best but was never upset or mean when she did not.

Because of Marie, Elizabeth has a joy of music and a good understanding of theory.  Elizabeth has been encouraged to take the National Music Certificate Program examinations and has done well in these.

--Susie P.


Marie's enthusiasm & love for teaching young children music is felt by all who have enjoyed her classes over the past 3-plus years.  The families absolutely love her and have signed up over & over for the classes she taught.  That's a true testament to her expertise in the field of early childhood music & her joy for sharing it with others.  Marie will be sorely missed in Boulder, Colorado!

--Jane Simms Roche; Director, Music Together of Boulder


Marie--you are a gift! Thank you so much for all that you did to make our concert. The youth ensemble was absolutely perfect for the event, and the audience was clearly appreciative. Please thank each and every one of them and let them know they are invited back again next year!! I can only imagine all that you went through to get them here right on the heels of your trip. Wow! But it was obvious how much they love you, and that the feelings are mutual on your part.

Please feel free to use our piano as often as you have a need. I will keep you informed about future events. Again, thank you on behalf of all concerned--for your music, your dev0tion, your generous spirit. God bless you!

--Don Dexter, MDiv; Nederland Presbyterian Community Church, Colorado